Twenty One Useful Spelling Homework Ideas For 5th Grade Students

Do you have a fifth grade kid? Or are you teaching to fifth grade kids? Does your child has a difficulty in learning spellings? Not anymore. As in this article, you will find a lot of exciting and interesting ideas that will help you and your kid learning spellings. When your kid does not take interest in studying or find it boring to do his homework, then you must add fun as in it. This way, your kid will love to learn.

  1. Tell the student to give written spelling tests, as when you write something you never forget it. Visit spelling sites and give test on regular basis to improve your spellings.
  2. Re arrange the spellings forward and backward
  3. Use your five favorite colors to write the first word
  4. Write each letter with a different color
  5. Write each word for five times
  6. Draw a colorful table and leave spaces
  7. Ask your sibling or parents to fill the empty spaces
  8. Take your mom’s help in drawing the table
  9. Not only write, but draw the shape of the word as well
  10. Search the dictionary for the meaning of the words
  11. Mark the page
  12. Write the dictionary page number on your notebook
  13. Leave at least five lines after each word
  14. Use scissors to cut the definition and paste it beneath the word
  15. Use the words in making sentences
  16. Create a story and use the word at least three times in it.
  17. Take your test
  18. Mark your test yourself
  19. Write each of your mistakes five times
  20. Look for two rhyming words
  21. Write the synonym and antonym of the word

Pasting magnets alphabets on fridge is really an exciting theory. Look for colorful magnets and place them in front of your kid. Give him ten magnets and ask your child to make as many words as he can. Play with colors. Use clay, plastic scene, plaster of Paris, and such materials to make different things. Take pictures of the things and paste them in your scrapbook. Learn their names with spellings. After learning the names, write down their spellings on your notebook. You must use these words in your daily routine or you could make sentences and stories of these words. This will help you in learning the spellings.