How To Help You Kids With Primary School Homework

I’m sure you remember when you were a child of primary school age yourself and you had some homework that you needed help with. Who did you ask for help? It’s likely it was your parents. Well, now it’s your turn to help your kids with their primary school homework! What do you mean: you don’t know how to? Have you forgotten everything you learnt at school yourself? Well, there are actually some very easy ways that you can go about assisting your kids, so here are some great suggestions as to how:

Look at things in a different way.

Maybe your child is having trouble understanding how they are supposed to tackle their homework. If this is the case, maybe all they require is a fresh perspective on things. Go through the homework task with them to find out what bit they are struggling with and then rephrase things so that they can comprehend.

Do you know the answer?

If they are stuck on a problem and don’t know how to find the answer, and you yourself know what the answer is, then help your kids by breaking the problem down into parts and showing them how to arrive at the solution for themselves. Failing that- give them the answer and show them how you arrived at it!

Don’t know the answer?

If your kid needs help and the set homework problem is something you don’t know the answer to, then join the journey of finding out the solution with them. Looking online is probably the easiest way of finding seemingly unsolvable answers, but you should also check that the answers aren’t under your noses in school textbooks!

Help your kids locate the information they need.

It may be that your kids are stuck on knowing how to find the information they need for a project. Perhaps they’ve been set an essay on Abraham Lincoln, for instance. In this case, you should show them how to locate information on the internet or accompany them to a library to find some great reference books.

Are you feeling stumped?

If your kids don’t know how to do their primary school homework, and you’re stumped yourself on understanding the assignment and knowing how to tackle it, then why not ask for help yourself? Call your kids’ teacher and ask them to explain it better- either to yourself or directly to your child.