How To Focus On Literacy Homework: 8 Helpful Tips

Literacy is the ability to read and to understand what has been read. It has morphed into sub-classes such as Media Literacy or Computer Literacy. The tips for successfully completing whatever literacy class you are taking are the same. Follow our handy 8 tips.

8 Tips for Homework Success

  1. Know the jargon and language-if you are studying, then you need to know the language you are studying. The definitions and word usage need to be very clear to you. If you have to look up words for definitions, then jot down the meanings for those unknown words.
  2. Deep read-the first read should be a deep, slow, and thorough read. If you have to take notes then you should take notes. Keep a special binder for the subject. These notes will come in handy as you prepare for any evaluations.
  3. Take notes-always take notes in class. These notes will come in handy as you seek a complete understanding of the class and your assignments. Make sure you pay attention as you sit in class and take notes. Also make sure to be an active participant in the classroom.
  4. Skim-after you deep read go back and then skim the subject. The skimming process can help you with grasping any unclear concepts or ideas.
  5. Study your notes-look at your notes every single night. Reading your class and nightly notes will reinforce any lessons. The more you look at the subject, the easier it will come to you.
  6. Have the correct materials-you have to make sure that you bring home the correct book and notebook. You can buy used books online for a very cheap price. Many people do this, so they can keep a set at home. If you have a set of class texts at home, you never have to bring a book home.
  7. Have a designated homework spot-I do not think that working at the kitchen table is very smart. You have to move your supplies for dinnertime. It is important that you make some kind of designated study spot where you can keep your school supplies and do your assignments.
  8. Look ahead-if you read ahead; then you will always be a bit familiar with the next section. It may be hard to do this all the time, but when you can read ahead then do so.