How To Do Your Homework Easily: Effective Strategies For College Students

When it comes to homework or deadlines, the worst thing that can happen is to stare at a blank page or find more interesting the newly tenant fly hanging around the ceiling. That is a state of mind that doesn’t allow you to be creative, to develop your art of actually “doing”. And even if you are alone in a room, or in a pleasant and peaceful environment, you still can’t focus to complete the task. Or, to be more precise, you don’t allow yourself to create. That state of mind is actually your body responding to stress conditions.

  • When in exam, for example, our mind sees the challenge of answering a question as a stress factor and not as a way to be creative. In that situation, our mind not only shuts the doors to creativity, it also starts replaying the stress factor instead of actually dealing with it. When in stress our mind feels discomfort and therefore it seeks safety, either through protection or evasion, in which case protection can be seen as an interior process and evasion as an exterior one.

  • In both cases our body tries to resolve the problem, when there is no problem after all, just a situation. Also our mind tries to resolve the “problem” too, but it is being blocked by our… own free-will, because we choose to repeat the stress factor endlessly. The pattern When it happens, this state of mind occurs based on patterns. You can’t find an immediate answer therefore your mind repeats the question, task, or challenge.

  • A great way of getting out of this situation is to just simply realize what is happening and stop, and then focusing on the actual now: breathing, being, observing. Inhale deeply and exhale 3 times. In this manner you refresh your brain and lungs and can easily focus on other tasks. The next step is to simply breathe and realize you are actually living, existing, being. While doing this you will observe your actual state, your present state. After doing this, you can add some music and just simply observe your state. If anything comes in mind simply allow it to be, even if it’s not in the same direction as the task. Follow its path, go with your thoughts for a few seconds or minutes. In those moments your mind is trying to figure out a way of creating. Most important, don’t let your mind to repeat the question, task, or challenge. Breathe in every time needed.