Negative Effects Of Not Doing Homework: An Expert View

Most students become upset when their teacher gives assignments to be completed after classes. Both the educators and parents have quite controversial points of view on this everlasting problem. Some are against the homework while others are in favor of it. Today a lot of students don’t take the tasks assigned by the teacher to do after school seriously. They would better watch TV, search the Internet, chat with friends, play computer games, and do many other things that are not quite as useful for them.

There is much more behind the idea of homework than just doing the additional exercises to master the skills in a certain topic. Consider the following negative effects that not doing homework may have upon every disobedient student.

  • Low grades.
  • Teachers do not usually have enough time to explain the topic in details or train a lot the new skills during the class. Thus, they ask students to read some specific paragraphs or give extra exercises to master the new material. For this reason, students who ignore their home tasks usually get bad marks at school and lag behind soon. Parents should remember that development of study skills and habits is of great importance.

  • Poor time management.
  • Planning is one of the key factors in the studying process. When a child has a lot of home assignments, he or she should spend the time wisely. Good planning skills allow children to organize their studies and personal lives effectively. On the contrary, absence of self-discipline and motivation results in low achievements.

  • Misbehavior at school.
  • Those children who do not do the assignments at home misbehave during the classes. The quality of the knowledge depends a lot on the listening and note taking skills.

  • Stressful school life.
  • Students who do not do their home tasks have problems with their teachers and feel nervous during the tests or exams because of poor knowledge. Moreover, some parents tend to punish their children for bad grades.

  • Low feeling of responsibility.
  • Parents have to teach their children as early as possible that the consequences of not doing home assignments, for example low grades, rest on them. Thus, students should realize that their success depends on the ability to work independently with books, manuals, and other printed materials in the library.

Even in elementary school, children should have little homework in order to take it for granted further on. The matter is of great importance. While working at home over the additional assignments, students prepare for the difficulties in their lives.